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URN etd-0825111-145305
Author Kun-Shain Wu
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Electro-Optical Engineering
Year 2010
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Fabrication and Application of Capillary Optical Fiber and Microstructure Fiber
Date of Defense 2011-06-21
Page Count 54
  • preform
  • fiber
  • microstructured fiber
  • capillary optical fiber
  • Abstract v

        This study was developed using fiber drawing tower to fabricate 
    various types of capillary fiber and microstructured fiber. For example, 
    different diameter sizes, different thickness, different internal diameter 
    ratio of the capillary fiber and capillary tube, single ring and double 
    ring hexagonal arrangement of the air-holes microstructured fiber.  
        Trying different ways to create complex structures preform, we 
    use the stack - drawing - cutting way, is now able to produce only 
    simple pressure can be achieved by the complex structure of the 
    preform, compared to drilling way, we can effectively reduce the 
    production costs of 80%. Now successfully produced a single ring and 
    double ring hexagonal air holes arranged in preform which has been 
    drawn into standard fiber. Depending on the optical properties, we can 
    use quartz tube with a row of self-developed method to produce most 
    of the complex structure of the preform. However, each fiber is still 
    not very uniform about the pores, which we need to improve in the 
    manufacturing process of fiber drawing. Produce more diverse system 
    and much homogeneous microstructured fiber as the goal.      Application is to use the self-fabricated capillary tube, after 
    processing, the production target into a low-loss device, then inject 
    different materials within the devices, and do the different optical 
    measurements for our devices.
    Advisory Committee
  • Wood-Hi Cheng - chair
  • Chin-Ping Yu - co-chair
  • Jau- Sheng Wang - advisor
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  • etd-0825111-145305.pdf
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    Date of Submission 2011-08-25

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