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URN etd-0726101-114205
Author Chin-Tan Sun
Author's Email Address cmdavid@ms15.hinet.net
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Department Human Resource Management
Year 2000
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title The resarch of Employee Assiatance Programs in Taiwan with employee' attitude and organization performance
Date of Defense 2001-07-14
Page Count 125
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Organization perfo
  • Abstract The research of Employee Assistance Programs in Taiwan with employees' attitude and organization performance

    After industrial revolution in the early 19th century, Tailor's working-time study regarded men as a portion of machinery and developed Z-thesis from X & Y-thesis for men part in business management. Nowadays the human resource management in Taiwan is based on men because of high population density and policies of our government that has been implementing nine-year national education throughout the country. Besides, the development and increasing of the professional universities also educate al lot of people with professions in various fields. It makes Taiwan become one of the most important Chinese human resources center. However, facing to a great deal of internationalized impact for getting into WTO, all our industries consider the way to handle for the situation changes a lot day by day.
    Though the enterprises get advancement in competitiveness of their business, many problems are brought to the employees under the stress in the workplace. Those problems cannot be resolved by enterprises' welfare committee or by labor union. In addition to the rapid growth of the economy in Taiwan, the industrial society also has been changed at speed. The enhancement of personal value makes employees not only pay attention to how good their welfare is and how much salary is, also if the workplace is comfortable , safe, and full of peaceful and pleasant atmosphere which will influence their working emotion. They also consider the harmony in society and in family. Therefore, enterprises should take measures to keep their employees physically and mentally healthy, according to the employees various needs.
    Definition of EAPs offer employers an alternative in confronting job performance problems in the workplace. Employee assistance programs are worksite-based programs designed to assist in the identification and resolution of productivity problems associated with employees impaired by personal concerns including, but not limited to: health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal concerns which may adversely affect employee job performance.
    In 1981, the local enterprises started to establish the model of 'Labor Guidance and Assistance" to execute "Employee Counseling Issue" the so-called industrial social work. Before this, the content of the industrial social work was based on the items of safety and sanitation, labor insurance, labor education, professional training, entertainment, and labor services etc. But the professional thesis and skills of social work were not applied to these assistance items. Thus, our Labor Committee introduced EAPs to the local enterprises in 1985 and helped them to establish employees assistance systems of EAPs. The current problems that Taiwanese labors meet are:
    (1)Lower employed
    (2)Shortage of basic labor
    (3)The job-switching problem of the excessive manpower from agricultural and industrial department
    (4)The management problem of foreign labors
    (5)Second career problem for middle aged and old people
    Besides, local employees counseling is always considered to be the conflict between labor and capitalist, which is different from EAPs. EAPs take employees' personal problems as a part of organization management responsibility. However, this kind of research is seldom discussed by local enterprises.
    The major study of purpose were follows:
    1.To discuss the present situation in business carrying out EAPs, and the employees' requirements and satisfaction degree on the programs.
    2.The EAPs models are carried out continuously in business and improvement will be reached, according to employees' requirements and satisfaction degree on them.
    3.Questionnaire investigations on EAPs basic service items are taken to be the reference for redesign and execution the programs in HRM department to meet employees' requests on work, life, health, and welfare.
    4.To study the relation among organization performance, organization commitment, and HRM system when EAPs are carried out in business.
    The findings of the study : 
    The sequence of requirement is (work assistance programs), (management assistance programs), (life assistance programs), (other assistance programs).
    The sequence of satisfied degree is (life assistance programs), (work assistance programs), (other assistance programs), (counsel service fashion), (management assistance programs), (healthy assistance programs), (organization performance), (organization commitment).
    The result reveals that carrying out EAPs will help employees work steadily in business. Besides, to enhance productivity, to reduce work accident, to lower absence from work, to avoid switching job, and to improve harmony in working place will reach organization performance and strengthen employees' commitment to the organization.
    Advisory Committee
  • Shih-Che Chen - chair
  • Te-Cheng Yu - co-chair
  • Liang-Chih Huang - advisor
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    Date of Submission 2001-07-26

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