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URN etd-0718116-160441
Author Yun-Hsin Lai
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Theatre Arts
Year 2015
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Two Case Studies on Sustainable Strategies of Non-profit Arts Organizations
Date of Defense 2016-06-16
Page Count 155
  • sustainable development
  • foundation
  • mission
  • non-profit organization
  • micro-enterprise
  • Abstract Non-profit organizations play an important role inthemulti-cultural society increasingly. Non-profit organizations in Taiwan were mostly charity organizations several years ago. Non-profit arts organizations have flourished today. It is mentioned that making Taichung an international commercial and cultural city as the overall goal in the Comprehensive Development Plan of Taichung City since 1989. Jason Hu was elected Taichung City Mayor in 2001 and also proposed “Culture, Economy, and Cultural City” as the policy.The amount of culture and arts foundations are 32, and the total amount of arts groups are 342 in Taichung. In this study, two cases: Foundation of Taiwanese Culture and Taichung City Symphony Orchestra are analyzed.It attempts to generalize the similarities and differences between the operation of two organizations, and to give advice to local arts organizations to achieving sustainable development in Taichung. Case studies were chosen as methodology of this study. Methods of data collection were interviews, document analysis, records of observation. The research findings are as follows:
    1. Internal operation: The similarities of two cases: The structures of two organizations and the using of human resources are flexible. The key leaders in two organizationsare the cores to affecting the operation of two organizations. Two organizations are heavily rely on corporations.Corporations are their major funding resources. Both of them use Word of Mouth Marketing a lot. The differences are: the mission.One has single mission, the other one has multiple missions.One only has full-time staff, the other one has both full-time and leasing staff members.The financial sources affect the development of creative products.Public relation is related to the amount of audiences as well as the fund-raising.
    2. External influence: Two organizations do not feel obtain any advantages fromthe government which emphasizing culture is the primary consideration. Two organizations have good interactions with the enterprises,and share their resources with the communities.

    These two organizations are both facing financial challenges,lack of creativity, audience reduction and so on.The economic impact of the environment causes the difficulty of operations.However, it also inspires theorganizations to change the current situation to make them sustainable. In the rapidlychange society, non-profit organizations need to adjust the organizational status to achieve sustainable development.
    Advisory Committee
  • Jung-feng Hsieh - chair
  • Cheng-Hsun Hsieh - co-chair
  • Shang-ying Chen - advisor
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    Date of Submission 2016-08-18

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