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URN etd-0708104-182204
Author Chung-wun Ho
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Political Science
Year 2003
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title The research on the R.O.C.’s armed forces’ participation in defense and relief of disaster - The research on crisis management theory
Date of Defense 2004-06-15
Page Count 208
  • The defense and relief of disaster
  • national armed force
  • The national search center of the Administrative Yuan
  • crisis management
  • Abstract The defense and relief of disaster concern both the safety of people’s lives and properties, so the international communities appreciate them nowadays. The administrative approaches and methods are not the same because of the differences of the international communities’ situation and their environment. Some are in the charge of the authorities concerned and some are in the charge of grassroots, however, their goals are conformed by using all resources of the government and the private, in order to protect people’s safety and to reduce the loss of properties through warning and relieving.
      Our government has noticed the importance of fire fighting relieving system since the so-called “Ba-chang Stream Event.” Later, the following administrative system, including “The national search center of the Administrative Yuan,” “The public office of fire fighting and disaster relief,” and “International search system of the R.O.C.,” are set. Their roles and responsibilities are made into laws, so the administrative systems are unclogged. However, the relieving armed forces are not centralized, which shows the space of conformity and reduction.

      In the near future, our relief system should go to “A-R(administration & relief) two-step system” The national search center are in charge of conformity; the fire station is in charge of land relief, and the sea cruise is for the sea relief. Thus, the relief systems are simplified. Owing to the shortage of equipments, we can combine the air police, CAA, the armed forces and international search system with the aircrafts and ships, in order to make to system perfect and conformable. After the goal is fulfilled, we will make it standardization and more professional.
      In consideration of the threats of the P.R.C., the mobilization cannot be abrogated at wars. Also there hasn’t any wars for years, the opportunities in normal times are bigger than at wars, so the armed forces relief cruise should change their roles by following the administrative Yuan’s orders. At the same time, the mobilization and people’s defense system should be combined, with a view to relieving the preparation and accommodation in normal times, and the job leaves to the damage protection and rescues.
    Advisory Committee
  • Lin , Wen-cheng - chair
  • none - co-chair
  • Chen, Wen-Chun - advisor
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    Date of Submission 2004-07-08

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