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URN etd-0614114-173950
Author Yao-tsung Wang
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department EMBA
Year 2013
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title A Strategy Planning of Market Behavior of the Energy Saving Lighting:Case of M Company
Date of Defense 2014-06-06
Page Count 62
  • CCFL
  • Energy -saving Lamps
  • LED
  • Core competitiveness
  • Abstract In recent years, with an ever-increasing energy acquisition costs, climate change led to the request of Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, as well as the impact of Japan's northeast earthquake post-Nuclear accident, hence all countries globally have begun to actively adjust their energy policies. 
    Subsequently, Taiwan’s power policy has to make adjustment accordingly. Power generation sources can no longer depend only on nuclear energy, coal, oil or water; we rather take an actively positive response. At the same time, the changes of industry structure causing the Human Resources structural imbalance. Under the influence of internal and external factors, businesses, families and individuals, are facing continuously raising of living costs, therefore, we must make adjustment in the Energy Use and Management Approach, so that we can respond to the trend of decreasing Fossil Fuels Energy in the future.

    Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction had become an important issue of current enterprise operating and family life. It is only started out from individuals, families and businesses, with the Government encouragement and advocacy at the policy, to be truly effective in reducing dependence on traditional sources of energy. Making the ecology of environment to obtain a relatively balanced development, to the overall improvement in living environment and reduce the harm on health of energy usage.
    This case study is based on representation of M Company that the author currently works at. Attempting to plan the steps of marketing strategies through the internal and external analysis of industry environment and the allocation of resources within, after the progressively inductive research, we acquired the following conclusions:
    1. Lighting fixtures industry has a large-scale global market which cannot be monopolized by small numbers of business. In order to go together with the design of architecture and power systems, each country had their relevant requirements on safety and building regulations, when marketing the export of lighting fixtures products, must have this recognition that the degree of localization is relatively higher compare to other industries.
    2. If only taking into account of M Company’s internal factors of cost and quality, with in-depth understanding, study and discussion, we could understand when M company proposed the planning of marketing strategy, below points required focus of attention:
    1. Japan’s existing marketing and distribution, whether CCFL or LED, there is a relatively completed layout, subsequently should endeavor to consolidate the maintenance of this distribution, continuing to strengthen the customer service and logistical support capability, maintaining quality stability and provide effective after-sales service mechanism in order to maintain its market share and even its further enhancement.
    2. However, in terms of M Company’s success and revenue dependency in the Japanese markets, too much emphasis on the Japanese market also increased its risks on operation. Therefore must begin decentralizing the marking on the market, in order to avoid the business risk of over-reliance on single market.
    3. M Company seriously inadequate of marketing resources, the organization structure is irrational, source of revenue is not stable enough must be taken into comprehensive consideration for making adjustment; in terms of the core competitiveness of CCFL Energy Saving Lamps and Custom Power Control, establishing major management model of performance-oriented , with the purpose to encourage the formation of effective R & D mechanism and motivation of marketing, in achieving the chances of successful business operation.
    Advisory Committee
  • Jeng,Yih - chair
  • Chien-Yuan, Sher - co-chair
  • Shyh-jer Chen - advisor
  • Min-Hsin Huang - advisor
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    Date of Submission 2014-07-14

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