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URN etd-0022118-121230
Author Chok-Tim Ngan
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Year 2017
Semester 1
Degree Master
Type of Document
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title The influences of the left and right foot ground reaction force
interaction patterns on standing balance stability
Date of Defense 2017-11-10
Page Count 46
  • correlation coefficient
  • postural stability
  • coordination patterns
  • center of pressure
  • Abstract By extracting features from the trajectory of center of pressure (COP), many
    features have been proposed to quantify the stability of postural balance. However, most
    of these studies focus on the total COP (COP T ) which is the weighted sum of the COP
    of the right foot (COP R ) and COP of the left foot (COP L ). In contrast, very little attention
    has been given to the coordination patterns between COP T , COP R and COP L .
    To investigate the impacts of the correlation patterns of these three COPs on
    balance, this study uses twelve correlation coefficients to characterize the coupling
    strengths among COP T , COP R  and COP L . The efficacies of these correlation
    coefficients in assessing postural stability are tested by two different methods. The first
    method compares the sample means of these correlation coefficients of the eyes open
    and eyes closed conditions. Experimental results show that six of the tested twelve
    correlation coefficients exhibit statistically significant differences. 
    The second method investigates the associations between the tested correlation
    coefficients and nine COP velocity features. For every pair of the tested correlation
    coefficient and tested COP velocity feature, the second method compares the sample
    means of the COP velocity feature of the time period when the tested correlation
    coefficient is positive to that of the time period when the tested correlation coefficient
    is negative. Since many of such test results are statistically significant, it is believed the
    ratio of time that COP T , COP R and COP L are positively correlated can be used to assess
    postural stability.

    Keywords: center of pressure, coordination patterns, correlation coefficient, postural
    Advisory Committee
  • none - chair
  • none - co-chair
  • Yen,Chen-Wen - advisor
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    Date of Submission 2018-01-22

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