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  • Study on Architecture-Oriented Bump Wafer Package Manufacturing Flow Model
    -- Wen-Han Liao, Department of Information Management, 2019
    98 98
     Package refers to processing semiconductor wafers, which providing wafer protection, heat dissipation, and electrical connections. The packaging services include copper wire bonding, system in package....
  • Theory of Planned Behavior: How Smart Contract Effect Individual P2P Lending Behavior
    -- Tsai-Wen Shih , Department of Information Management, 2019
    4 4
     In recent years, Peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending) has risen, and the growth rate of the loan market has increased year by year. P2P lending is the matching of personal borrowing and investment needs....
  • A Study of the Technology Acceptance of Blockchain:The Case of Electronic Medical Record
    -- Po-Kai Tseng, Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management, 2018
     Under the ever-changing advancement of information technology, the traditional medical records have been reduced and replaced by electronic medical record system. Even under the EMR system, everyone....
  • A study of prediction of Live-stream subscriptions: the case of Twitch
    -- Shao-Hung Lee, Department of Information Management, 2018
    1 1
     In recent years, there has been a new type of media, “live stream”. Through streaming technology, it can make people show their lives to others and interact with others at low latency. This kind o....
  • A Research on The Acceptance of Self-Service Technology Applied to Healthcare with Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, UTAUT - A Case of Hospital Service Process
    -- YINGCHIH HSIAO, Master of Business Administration Program in International Business, 2017
     With the advance of medicine, economic development and big changes in the traditional social structure, the rapid growth of senior citizens brings the urgent need for the medical treatment and long-te....
  • The Key Factors on Development of Mobile Payment – The Case of Wechat Wallet
    -- An-Lou Lin, Master of Business Administration Program in International Business, 2016
    95 95
     With technology advanced, people tend to consume more and more time on mobile phone. The paying tool has been diversified from barter, cash to mobile payment. The method of payment has been transforme....
  • A Study of the Cold Chain Logistics Method towards the Live Seafood Products – Case Study of Jingdong Mall
    -- Sirikul Chinmongkonkanit, Master of Business Administration Program in International Business, 2016
     The cold chain logistic is not a new service in the logistic industry, but it is becoming more popular for the E-commerce companies due to the logistic is one of the tools to driving the business to b....
  • Forecast the M&A targets in IT industry using Support Vector Machine
    -- Yi-syuan Ke, Information Management, 2016
    2 2
     In this era, companies are able to occupy a place in this vast market, but many companies face the change of market. They will lose the original scale of operation, or finally go bankrupt, or resell t....
  • Applying Convolution Neural Network in Deep Learning to Predict on Stock Trading Strategy
    -- JHE-WEI WU, Information Management, 2016
     The rapid increase of computing power, along with the improvement of software capabilities has made artificial intelligence a new trend. Deep learning recently becomes the fastest growing area in art....
  • A Study on In-App Purchase Intention of Emotion Stickers for Messaging Software- The Case of LINE
    -- Yu-Ting Su, Information Management, 2015
     With the popularity of mobile devices and the Internet, most of people rely on social communication app to communicate with each other like their family or friend. It becomes an important app tool to ....
  • Using Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for Recommending Investment in Stock Market
    -- Zhi-hua Chien, Information Management, 2015
     The Contextual Bandit Problem (CMAB) is usually used to recommend for online applications on article, music, movie, etc. One leading algorithm for contextual bandit is the LinUCB algorithm, which upda....
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