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  • Effect of Virtual Reality and Gamification on Customer Experience and Satisfaction – A Flow Theory Perspective
    -- Wei-Wen Chen , Department of Information Management, 2019
    4 4
     In recent years, the application of virtual reality (VR) has risen and VR is considered to be able to enhance users' satisfaction and intention to use. Gamification is another mechanism that is gain....
  • A Study on the Selection of Website Development Platforms
    -- Wei-Ju Chen, Online Master of Business Administration in Electronic Commerce and Business Analytics, 2019
    4 4
     In this modern society, the Internet is widely used, and people spend more and more time using the Internet. Because the Internet provides convenience, whether it is searching for data, shopping, chat....
  • Interactivity of Brand Community on Brand Relationship, Community Identity and Loyalty: An Empirical Study
    -- Yi-Ching Chen, Department of Information Management, 2019
    4 4
     A recent years, due to the rapid development in mobile devices, more than half of internet users spend hours surfing On The Internet. At the same time, they spend more than 60% of the time on the inte....
  • What affects the Performance of Cross-border Electronic Commerce
    -- Pin-Hsuan Chen, Institute Of Information Management, 2018
     In recent years, the development of cross-border e-commerce has also attracted close attention from SMEs in Taiwan. However, there are many problems and challenges involved in the cross-border transac....
  • Diversification Strategy of Plywood Industry in Malaysia – A Multi-Case Study
    -- Fu-Lung Lin, College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration), 2018
    2 2
     Abstract As a traditional industry in Taiwan, plywood industry was one of the top three exporting sectors in the early 1970s. In the late 1970s, Taiwanese plywood manufactures began to shift busin....
  • The Effects of Customer Buying Factors on Sales Performance:Electronic Word of Mouth Analysis
    -- Yu-Chia Wang, Department of Information Management, 2018
     The effects of Electronic Word-of-Mouth have been deeply concerned by academics and marketers. With the rapid development of electronic commerce, consumers can easily acquire review data from other re....
  • Factors Affection IS personnel’s Intention to learn new programming languages
    -- Chia-Ling Cheng, Department of Information Management, 2018
    4 1
     Technologies are ever-changing. Each advance in technologies brought dramatic changes as like a reform, and advances in technologies seem to accelerate progressively. Technologies are being applied in....
  • A Fit-Viability Study on the Adoption of Smart Technology in the Retailing Industry
    -- Si-Han Wang, Department of Information Management, 2018
     The growing popularity of mobile devices and electronic commerce has raised the online retailing channel. More and more people have turned to the Internet for their shopping needs. Online retailers al....
  • A Study on Business Models of Cross-border E-Commerce Platform
    -- Fu-Ling Fang, Online Master of Business Administration in Electronic Commerce and Business Analytics, 2018
     The proportion of cross-border e-commerce development in the global consumer market has continued to show an upward trend. Sales and year-on-year growth have attracted close attention of Taiwanese SME....
  • An AHP Study on the Feasibility of the Aquaculture Industries Investment in ASEAN
    -- Chung-Wei Huang, College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration), 2018
    4 4
     Abstract In response to the momentum of global competition and the rapid rise of ASEAN emerging markets, Taiwan's economic development is highly related to the countries in the region. Therefore,....
  • The Effect of Robo-Advisors on the Performance of Financial Specialists - A Task-Technology Fit Perspective
    -- Li-Yu Chang, EMBA, 2017
     Recently artificial intelligence and robotic technology have been progressed, making robo-adviser enter money management and even replace financial consultant. Brokers then have estimated the advantag....
  • Factors Influencing Organizational Intention to Adopt Blockchain Technology
    -- Zong-Lin Li, Information Management, 2017
    3 3
     Abstract Recently, blockchain has attracted a great deal of attention in information systems. The blockchain technology is considered revolutionary to various fields, such as identity authenticatio....
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